10 Tips for Using Content Marketing Effectively in your Cayman Business

May 15, 2013

The idea of content marketing can seem nebulous to most small business owners in Cayman with limited resources.

If approached correctly it could result in increased customer loyalty, a better relationship with your customer and potentially increased revenue.There is no doubt that it can be time consuming and its direct effect on the bottom line of a business can often be difficult to gauge.  Approached incorrectly however; it could mean the creation of inconsistent, uninteresting and irrelevant information and a lot of wasted time and opportunity.

Whether you choose to keep your content marketing in-house, or outsource it to a pro here are our 10 tips for using content marketing effectively in your Cayman business.

1) Don’t sell: Content marketing is telling people about something that they are interested in, and not selling to them. if done well, content marketing will promote your products and services by association.

2) Think long term: Content creation is an ongoing process of creating, developing, optimising and sharing information. It’s not just a one time activity. Think of it as investing in buying a house rather than renting.

3) Kept it interesting and change it up: Excite, interest, and engage your audience, and don’t be afraid to change direction if what you’re doing isn’t working. That’s the beauty of content marketing. It’s dynamic and can change with your business needs.

4) Be inspired: Use other brands who are using content marketing well as your inspiration and they don’t just have to be in your industry sector either – Popular brands like Coca-cola, Red Bull or even Dove understand how to engage their audience well.

5) It’s all about your audience: Focus on their needs and wants without forcing the brand on them

6) Encourage sharing: Pick topics that stimulate conversation or (even honest controversy if you’re brave enough)

7) Noise is not the same as useful content: Your audience will tune out of noise and engage with useful content

8) Mix and Match: Use content marketing to deepen the impact of traditional marketing and take your traditional advertising campaign from a standalone one-time communication to an opportunity to start and continue a long term conversation with your audience

9) Content marketing takes time: Put a plan in place. Be patient and consistent and the results will follow.

10) If you don’t have the resources in-house, then outsource the job to experts who can demonstrate an understanding of your business and your audience. Make sure that they help you create a content marketing plan that will be manageable for your business in the long term as well as measure its effectiveness on customer engagement.

Contact the team at Spark Engagement to learn how we can help you stretch your tight marketing resources further more effectively. Do the marketing you need to get the results you want, without breaking the bank.