So They Liked Your Facebook Page. Now What?

May 02, 2013

You’ve set up the Facebook page. They’ve liked you on Facebook. You have actual real live fans. Now what? For any commercially minded service provider, social media likes, connects, and follows should be the start of the journey. They are a means to an end, and not the end in themselves i.e. building profitable client relationships.

There is a full spectrum of emotion and intent behind why your customers and potential customers have “Liked” you, ranging from a luke-warm feeling of liking your organisation and what it has to offer them, to full-on brand evangelism where the customers have so much faith in you and what you do that they are prepared to spread the news far and wide of their own accord.

Once you have the “Likes” (wherever it falls on the spectrum of “Likes”), it is essential to continue to earn and improve the relationship, the recommendations, and consequently the revenue. You want a return from your investment in social media don’t you?

From Like to Love – Building client relationships on Facebook

Here are a few ideas to take you a few steps down the road of building the relationship with your clients.

Engage and interact with them:

Talk to them, start a discussion, ask them their opinions, listen to them

Help them:

Answer their questions. Give them useful information that could be helpful to them about your products and services; tell them about changes in the industry, the trends that they should be looking out for, and advice that could save them time and money.

Reward them:

People are motivated by self interest, and what better way to motivate them positively than by offering exclusive Facebook competitions, discounts, and giveaways. You could also regularly announce new products and services on Facebook first, to let your fans know before anybody else.

Invite them:

To an event, or a workshop (online or offline), a webinar or video conference. You can also invite them to connect with you on your other social media platforms, to read your latest email newsletter, blog, or press release.

Entertain them:

Give them compelling information about your company, product, industry, location, or about a relevant topic of general interest (tell them something interesting that they may not know). Post a video, a slideshow, a link, or a gaming app to allow them to interact with each other too.


The ideas above are not just limited to Facebook, and can be applied to any social media platform where your business chooses to be active.


Image by Adam Foster, CODEFOR, November 8, 2009.