Get your Email Marketing Message Read

March 01, 2013

You’ve spent hours crafting the most amazing email newsletter, it’s full of tips, tricks, and information guaranteed to change the life of every recipient for the better, instantly. If they open it……and if they read it.

Here are a few tips to prevent all your hard work evaporated by a touch of the delete button or even worse, being given the kiss of death, reported as being spam.

Tip 1: Opt-in email vs. Email irritation

Let’s get on thing clear, sending marketing emails to recipients who have not asked for it (also known as spamming) is a waste of your time (it’s rarely effective), illegal in many countries, and the fastest way to kill your credibility and ensure permanent relegation to junk or blocked status.

Tip 2: Do I know you? – Your “from” line

Ensure your email is sent from an individual, brand or organization that your reader will recognize. The reader is less likely to pause in their scanning of their inbox for an email sent from a source they don’t recognize. Never ever send a marketing email from info@, unless you want it to be deleted instantly.

Tip3: What’s in it for me? – Your subject line

The job of your subject line is to connect with the reader. Tell them why they should open the email and why they should read any further. Give them a reason that will appeal to their interests. An email titled “September Newsletter” as a subject line isn’t going to cut it.

When in doubt, apply the “So what test”. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes in reading the subject line, and ask yourself – “So what?” If your subject line isn’t sufficiently strong enough to stand up against the “So what test”, it’s back to the drawing board for you.

Some other factors that will raise interest include:

Urgency: The addition of a deadline is a good kicker to impel action from an interested recipient.

Specifics: Be explicit about the benefits to the reader e.g. “Save 15% on _____”

Emotions: Appeal to their emotions: e.g. “Never worry about ________ ever again.”

Curiosity: Appeal to their curiosity e.g. “How your competitors are ____________.”

Intellect: Appeal to their intellect e.g. “What do you think about_______________.”

Tip 4: Segment and Conquer

Key to getting your email newsletter read is knowing your market well enough to properly segment it into groups with identifiable common interests, and targeting each group with a subject line and topic that fits in with their requirements. Using a simple E-CRM system such as Contact Me (You can currently sign up to get the basic feature for free) will make segmentation easy.

Tip 5: Measurement and Testing

Using an email service provider will enable you to test each headline on a small group to assess the reaction to each message, and amend it according to the results. An Email Service Provider will also enable you to measure the result of each email campaign for future reference in order to begin to build a more accurate picture of the needs of your target audience.